Toronto Summer Under Quarantine (2020)

Each track in this album was constructed by hours of field recordings of sound scapes taken from specific sites in Toronto. These original soundscapes were then compressed into digestible songs that reflect a specific slice (and absence) of time. Toronto Summers are usually the best, filled with celebrations through Pride, Caribana, trips to the CNE (to name a few), but this year there was a lot of absence due to the pandemic with events cancelled and people being sequestered into lock down. This album is a documentation of that absence. Also reflected in the album are several protests in support of the BLM movement responding to racial tensions caused by injustices/systemic racism.

This sound art album was inspired by mythical alien creatures that may experience time differently from us. If they lived for millions and billions of years, how would they absorb/experience/hear hours and hours of content made by us earthlings? 

The track title is the date and location and time of the original field recording. It was then digitally shortened so the audience can listen to hours in just a matter of minutes.creditsreleased September 23, 2020 

Mastered by Cindy Li / CIEL 

Download the album here:

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