Player projector (2017)

Projector, live wireless mic, mic stand, amp

Every sound a digital video projector makes (which the audience is generally not privy to) was recorded in a sound studio: the beeps when they are turned on/off, the whirring of the various fans at different points in their on/off cycle, etc. The sounds were then manipulated in post to create recognisable symphonies from famous movies. These symphonies would be interspersed between the ‘normal sounds’ the projector makes to create a soundtrack. The soundtrack is then played through the projector, which is picked up by the live wireless mic and amplified through the amp.

The projector’s functionally was challenged; the audience was expecting (and looking for) an image on the wall the projector was facing (some would even put up some white piece of paper close to the faint glow from the lens in hopes of seeing something). Instead, the audience is confronted with the noises the projector was emitting, which would then slowly build into a symphony they could easily recognise (but not necessarily place). The audience was challenged with this newly reconfigured projector. 

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