Notes in Time: Mexico (2020)

Each track in this album was constructed by hours of field recordings of sound scapes taken from specific sites in Mexico. These original soundscapes were then compressed into digestible songs that reflect a specific slice of time. 

This sound art was inspired by mythical alien creatures that may experience time differently from us. If they lived for millions and millions of years, how would they absorb/experience/hear hours and hours of content made by us earthlings? 

The track name is when, where, and for how long the original field recording took place. The field recording was then digitally shortened so the audience can listen to hours of my time in Mexico in a matter of minutes.creditsreleased September 23, 2020 

Mastered by: Cindy Li / CIEL 

Download the album here:

17/12/2019 12h26 - 14h44m [Bosque De Chapultepec]

14/12/2019 01h25m - 02h32m [Yu Yu]

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