If this then this otherwise (else) this (2018)

LED pushbutton, Arduino, MAX/Msp, radio module, speaker

A pushbutton is installed in a wall. If pressed, a voice states, “the art you wish to view is now on” (or a variation thereof). If pressed again, the voice says, “the art you no longer wish to experience is now off” (or a variation thereof). If the button is pressed in the middle of the announcement, the voice says “please refrain from abusing the art” (or a variation thereof). If this ‘abusive’ behaviour continues, the voice says “the artwork will now be shut down for ten minutes” (for ten minutes the button is inactive). This work turns something utilitarian into an art object within a gallery setting that baits the audience to interact. The reward of the interaction is the ‘art’ the audience expects to experience - and the abuse of which publicly renders it exploited. 

Emma Clarke does the voice, the one who voices the announcements on London's TFL. 

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