I was told this might be dangerous (2016)

Live six-hour durational performance

A security guard stands in the centre of the gallery space and the artist stands in the corner. Anyone who enters the gallery is instructed by the guard to stand in the same corner as the artist, and is told that the performance should be starting shortly. If anyone asks why, the guard responds with various scripted lines: for health and safety; for the comfort of the audience; etc. If anyone from the audience breaks formation, the guard tells both them and the audience that the performance cannot happen if people do not remain in that corner. The guard has scripted responses to a variety of questions from the audience.

After the audience has been waiting for an extended period of time and is still in formation, the artist leaves the corner while turning towards the audience and saying ‘thank you’. The artist is then escorted out of the gallery by the security guard. After some time the artist makes his way back into the the gallery and is instructed by the security guard to stand in the corner in order for a performance to start.

I was told this might be dangerous creates a social situation the audience must navigate. 

(All images Courtesy of Nahmad Projects, London. Photo: Benedict Johnson.)

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