Forced Perspective (2016)

Projection, modified projector mount

Forced Perspective consists of a projector hung about a centimetre of the ground from a ceiling projector mount. Because the projector is so close to the ground, the images will be splayed out in a distorted fashion. The video is from the perspective of the body, showing hands or feet doing various tasks. The videos are modified in postproduction such that its perspective is normal to the viewer. There are sound effects from the moving images coming quietly from the projector, inviting the viewer to bend down closer to the projector, closer to the image, which is reflected in the image itself.  Forced Perspectives is exploring ideas of perspective, and experimenting with how the viewer interacts with a projector/moving image with regards to ‘trapping’ them and challenging how the audience normally consumes the projected image (i.e. the projector is normally up and out of the way).

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