Flat Screen (2014)

Two-channel site-specific installation
Projection, found objects

The artist runs across the room from screen to screen, but only appears on the screen for the moment he touches the wall. Two channels of the sound of footsteps can be heard at either screen, getting louder or quieter as the disembodied artist runs across the room. Sounds of him tripping over the objects in the space can also be heard. The wall is filmed and projected back on itself (projection mapped) to parody the room.

The projected space and physical space are at odds with each other, which reveals the failure of the screen’s frame within its physical nature. The work questions what is outside the frame and the limitations of the frame—a literal sense of a third-dimension attached to the screen causes the illusion to break down. As Martin Scorcese famously said, ‘What’s not in the frame is just as important to what’s in the frame.’ But in this case, what is not in the frame is simply the failure of the screen’s representation of our world.

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